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To Go Towards African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation is working to conserve and grow the leopard population in Tanzania. Their biggest killers are poaching and hunting for their coats, human-animal interactions, and encroachment of human activity in their natural habitats. AWF is working with locals living near leopards to educate on prevent deadly encounters for both parties, as well as tracks and follows the leopards in the region.

They’re a beautiful big cat we are working on designing a tote to dedicate to.

Photo by Sean Russell



To Go Towards LOCCOG

As a part of Lake Ol’Bolosats' Wildlife in Kenya, the endangerment and threats to the lake directly endanger the Hippos. Lake conservation looks after the Hippos. Primarily facing the largest threats from hunting, the degradation of their natural habitat and consequent displacement that leads to increased human-animal interactions.

To conserve Lake Ol’Bollosat is to conserve Hippos.

Photo from Africa Wildlife Foundation



To Go Towards Goedgedaht

Bees are one of the most important insets in agriculture and arguably biodiversity. Protecting and supporting wild bees supports agriculture and biodiversity. Bees pollinate and fertilize flowers, plants, fruit trees and other greenery to maintain crucial diversity, health and stability of plant ecosystems. 

Supporting the conservation and ethical beekeeping supports local agriculture, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other natural growth and vegetation.

Photo from

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